Owners, heads and managers of Ukrainian enterprises will receive high-quality consulting services in the following areas:

  • Strategic development and business model development
  • Marketing and sales
  • Operational and production management
  • HR management
  • Fundraising and financial management
  • Digitalization


The "CMC-Ukraine" community is an active partner of hundreds of Ukrainian enterprises in representing and promoting their interests both in Ukraine and abroad.

The President of "CMC-Ukraine" Olha Trofymova, founder and one of the coordinators of the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance, in her position performs complex communication tasks - shapes the image of Ukrainian professionals on the international platforms:

  • Key speaker at the Automotive Procurement Forum in Stuttgart. The forum gathered about 700 representatives of the automotive industry from different countries of the world

  • Expert at the public discussion The Current State of Ukrainian Economic Continuity, organized by the International Trade Council in Turkey
  • Speaker at the large-scale event "Manufacturing Day" from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in Vienna
  • Participant of the 20th annual professional award ceremony Constantinus Award
  • Participant of the 20th annual BeraterTag Consultant Professional Day event
  • Speaker of the event "Ukraine: business challenges, opportunities and the EU single market", organized by the European Platform for Cluster Cooperation on behalf of the European Commission and DG GROW
  • Speaker of The Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine. This large-scale and landmark international event brought together more than 1,000 business leaders, government ministers, public sector officials and investors from around the world to discuss issues related to Ukraine's recovery, regional trade, global supply chains, food and energy security and foreign direct investment

  • Ukrainian Cluster Alliance (UCA), in which the President of "СMС-Ukraine" Olga Trofymova is responsible for internationalization and international relations, is a network partner of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Manufacturing)
  • Speaker of the 8th EU Cluster Conference at which Olga Trofymova represented our community and the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance:

The "CMC-Ukraine" community together with the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance (UCA) joined the organization of The Go Global Awards - a large-scale event that took place on October 19-21 in the city of Tallinn (Republic of Estonia)! The Go Global Awards - awards from the International Trade Council - recognize companies that drive the world economy with their own innovations, technologies and strategies.

Thanks to the bilateral work of Ukrainian and European professionals, opportunities for cooperation are more clearly outlined. This means that the efforts and patriotism of our colleagues are yielding results and supporting the economy of Ukraine.

The "CMC-Ukraine" community is active in restoring Ukrainian business. Follow our news and join our initiatives!


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