About the association


The All-Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants CMC-Ukraine was created in 2011 as a platform for the development of the management consultant profession and improvement of the management culture in Ukraine.

CMC-Ukraine is an exclusive member of the International Institute of Management Consulting ICMCI - CMC-Global. The members of the institute are 51 international communities that unite certified management consultants from different countries.

ICMCI was founded in 1987 as an international membership organization and network of associations and organizations of management consultants worldwide. Currently, there are 50 member countries + 1 organization that unites consultants from countries that do not have a representative office of ICMCI.

ICMCI established and supports the standards of professional competencies of management consultants and the international certification procedure for obtaining the title of the Certified Management Consultant.

Today, there are more than 8,200 certified management consultants (CMC) in the world who meet high requirements of consultants of the highest qualification, and 64,200 individual consultants who adhere to the ethical standards of the organization in their professional activities.

Since September 2022 CMC-Ukraine is a full member of the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations (FEACO).

FEACO was founded in 1960, currently includes 15 national member associations. The general purpose of the Federation is to promote and develop the profession of management consultant in Europe by providing support to the members of the national associations that are its parts. This is the only federation that unites national associations that have not only individual members, but also powerful consulting companies as members.


01004, Kyiv city, Pushkinska str. 31-v, app. 9
Address for letters:
03049, Kyiv city, O. Shovkunenka str.,
h.6, app. 207

+380 67 578 3031


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