ISO 20700

How to make a consulting project
according to
 ISO 20700:2017

Start of the training on September 5, 2022

A step-by-step algorithm for preparing a project to meet the requirements of the international standard


For whom

Heads of consulting companies

Heads of consulting practice (who manage consultants and are responsible for working with clients)


Consultants who manage consulting projects

Consultants undergoing training for CMC* international certification




The key questions of the training:
  • Why did the idea of creating a management consulting standard arise, who developed it and why?
  • How will it affect clients and consultants?
  • What does the ISO 20700:2017 standard contain, how to use it, does it require changes to our consulting practice?
  • How to prepare and execute your project in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 20700:2017 standard?
  • What competencies are required to work at the highest level of professional standards?


What will the training give to the consultant:
  • Knowledge of how the standard should affect consultants and performance of consulting activities.
  • Ability to choose an appropriate structure of activities for implementation of the project.
  • Answers to customers' questions about the existence of standards.
  • A good marketing tool for you.
  • Ability to clarify client's expectations and agree on distribution of responsibilities during the project cycle.
  • Understanding how to help a client become a partner in the consulting process.
  • An opportunity to declare yourself as a real management consultant and emphasize your advantages and results in relation to other market participants.
  • Understanding the difference between CMC recognition and the ISO20700 guidelines for management consulting services.


Tasks of the training course:
  • Improve understanding of policies, project complexity and their impact on each project and the conduct of business.
  • Learn how to work and adapt the checklist for the specific conditions of each project.
  • Learn to use tools in everyday practice - write a technical task.
  • Find out how to make a declaration in the appropriate contractual documentation.


Valuable results for participants:
  • Name certificate of the worldwide ICMCI association
  • The name of the participants, with their consent, will be published on the ISO 20700 website
  • You will receive the right to use the internationally recognized logo when using the ISO 20700:2017 declaration of conformity



The training program


September 5, 14.00-17.00 (UTC+02.00)
  • The ISO 20700:2017 standard and the International Council of Management Consulting Associations (ICMCI)
  • The history of creation of an international standard for management consulting and its recognition as a national one
  • Terms and definitions of ISO 20700:2017
  • History and prerequisites for the creation of the Management Consultant Competency Model, Competence Framework


September 8, 14.00-17.00 (UTC+02.00)
  • Principles, policy and typical process of management consulting
  • What is a self-assessment checklist for and when to use it
  • Contracting processes, execution and completion of the project, key elements for inspection
  • A practical guide to filling out self-assessment checklists


September 12, 14.00-17.00 (UTC+02.00)
  • An educational case based on the example of a consulting project for a small business
  • Practice of filling out the self-assessment checklist on the educational case


September 15, 14.00-17.00 (UTC+02.00)
  • An educational case based on the example of a large and complex consulting project
  • Practice of filling out the self-assessment checklist on the educational case
  • Independent practice of drawing up a self-assessment checklist for your own project
  • Analysis of self-assessment results



How to become a training participant

Due to the limited number of places, participants must meet certain criteria.

Fill out the form via the "Register" button, and we will confirm your participation in the training within 24 hours.


Cost of participation:

registration and payment by 31.08 - 1,800 hryvnias

from 01.09 to the start of the program - 2300 hryvnias

for CMC-UKRAINE members - 1500 hryvnias

For certified management consultants (CMC) and participants of the current training program* for international CMC certification, this training is paid for by CMC-UKRAINE



As soon as your registration is approved, you will receive a letter with an invoice for payment. After payment, you will receive a message with confirmation of payment and information for the participant.

* - for those wishing to undergo international certification for the rank of "Certified Management Consultant" - write a request to e-mail:



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