The President of CMC-Ukraine Olga Trofymova gave a speech at the Vienna Congress

The President of CMC-Ukraine Olga Trofymova gave a speech at the Vienna Congress

The President of CMC-Ukraine Olga Trofymova was the only Ukrainian who had an opportunity to give a speech at the Vienna Congress.

The 20th Vienna Congress Com•Sult “Time for Future” took place on the 30th of January, in Vienna, Austria, under the patronage of the Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria Karl Nehammer and Mayor and Governor of Vienna Michael Ludwig.

Every year, more than 1600 thought leaders and top managers from Austria and around the world arrive in Vienna for the Congress which has become a so called “visiting card” of Vienna. In 20 years, over a thousand people from more than 30 different countries have become the Congress speakers. Vienna Congress integrates those who take decisions in economy, politics and science sectors. This is a network of highly respected leaders and one of the most popular among international economic congresses.

The best international speakers have turned this year’s Vienna Congress into a major event in Europe and made it the ultimate economic congress in Europe.

Since 2004, the most pressing matters of future and present are discussed at the Congress. Here the challenge responding drivers are formed, as well as some significant partnerships.

At the Congress this year, the role of professional consulting in forming the future was discussed.

Olga Trofymova was the speaker of the panel discussion which was dedicated to forming the future perspective in terms of management consulting. The most respected representatives of the profession from five different countries discussed the increasing influence the evidentiary consulting has on the future of increasing number of activity fields.

Increasing economic and social-political challenges to the whole world form a request for professional management consultants. It creates new opportunities and, at the same time, increases the quality requirements for consultants.

The experience and innovative approach of management consultants are becoming increasingly important for business, government and politics. Resistance to change and consultants’ advice, not enough openness to new decisions and approaches are all in need for more trust to the role of consultants in all fields of activity. It would result in increasing requirements for consulting industry and need to review approaches and management consultants work requirements.

The leading speakers of the discussion were:

Matthias Loebich – the Chairman of European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations (FEACO);

Peter Csakvari – the President of Association of Management Consultants in Hungary, Vice-President of FEACO, Managing Partner of Haerington & Co;

Manuel Giralt Herrero – the President of Asociación Española de Empresas de Consultoría (AEC), Spain, EY Advisory Partner;

Borut Potocnik – the President of Association of Management Consulting of Slovenia.

Among the key questions of the discussion was not only the analysis of the customer experience. There also was discussed the search for decisions to respond the market requests:

What additional consultations and professionals’ support do the management consultants need?

Which skills should a consultant possess?

What are the consequences of a good consulting?

Vienna Congress Com•Sult is, first of all, a platform for communication between high-level managers, politicians, mass media experts and consultants. Representatives of business and political communities from all around the globe are gathered together in order to share their thoughts with some experts and celebrity guests during panel discussions, seminars, private round-table discussions and personal meetings.

We are thankful to Olga Trofymova for a worthy presentation of CMC-Ukraine achievements during the war time in 2022 and active communication of some requests of Ukrainian business at such a significant event.

European colleagues taking the initiative in the direct CMC-Ukraine project funding was one of the results of the Vienna Congress 2023 for Ukrainian management consultants.

As a reminder, since August 2022, CMC-Ukraine community is a member of European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations (FEACO) – the most respected European organization for management consultants and their clients.


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