The representatives of the Ukrainian Medical Clusters at the Innovation Week in Catalonia

The representatives of the Ukrainian Medical Clusters at the Innovation Week in Catalonia


A powerful team of representatives from six Ukrainian medical clusters headed by the president of CMC-Ukraine Olga Trofymova is currently at the European Health-Tech Innovation Week in Barcelona, Spain. The event is dedicated to the innovative technologies and transformation of the health sector; is aimed to demonstrate the influence and potential the Life Science ecosystems have on the future of humanity. The conference was opened by the head of the government of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont.

The delegation of Ukraine was greeted with incredibly warm hospitality and applause from colleagues. More than 1200 participants off- and on-line applauded Ukraine. This way, the world shows admiration of how courage and dedicated to their profession are our health workers, who have been combining work in the fields and development of some innovative products for patients for a year now.

Cluster organization Biocat – the main catalyst of the Catalon Life Sciences ecosystem –has initiated the Program of Cluster Exchange with Ukrainian Clusters during the Innovation Week. The aim of this program is to support exchange between SMEs of Ukraine and Catalonia and their cluster organizations, the work of which concerns the field of innovations in the health sector. Besides, Biocat is the coordinator of BRIGHT project, within the framework of which this exchange is occurred.

The main directions of Biocat’s strategy is accelerating transfer of technologies and scaling business, designing ecosystem, contributing to development of entrepreneurs and researchers’ innovative potential, developing talents and also integrating interested parties of the ecosystem and international players in order to establish synergy and some opportunities for increasing and expanding in the health sector. €445 million was invested in the development of biotechnologies in Catalonia in 2022 only.

The Week is full of thematic sessions, networking events by thought leaders, business professionals, investors, representatives of academic fields, researchers and entrepreneurs.

During her speech, Olga Trofymova shared with the participants of the conference the accomplishments of the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance and management consultants of the CMC-Ukraine community in 2022. At the event, together with the President, the community is represented by one of the Vice Presidents – Natalia Dzyuba.

Right now the formation of the cluster movement in Ukraine is taking place, right now the potential of the recovery of our country is dependent on the development of the health sector. Health sector is in need for investments and attention of international partners. This is about the future of our defenders, children and nation, which suffered the most difficult challenges since World War II.

We believe, that considerable work of the medical clusters in Ukraine would receive proper support and recognition not only abroad, but also in our Motherland.


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